Frazione le Bourg 52
11020 Montjovet (AO)
Tel.: +39 3335862639
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The wayfarers and pilgrims along the Roman road, going up the gorge of Mongiovetta,
narrow and steep passage that allowed to reach the city of Aosta and the ancient Gaul,
They paid a duty or gabella to the feudal lord of Montjovet. In their long journey
were dining in the old "Borgo" site at the foot of Montjovet castle that still to this day
Our above the small medieval village. There were numerous shops that stood there:
shoemaker, barber, taverns and inns. In our day the tourist who wants to visit the Valley
Aosta can be found at Hospitality "Cor dé Jérémie.
The "Cor dé Jérémie" is a guesthouse that
lease located in an old building completely restored, belonged to the great-grandmother
the current owner, Mrs. Jérémie. From here it takes the name the structure in dialect
popular local valdostano means the courtyard of Jérémie.
It features five rooms full
detail, with fixtures and fittings, and different from each other.
Their names are:
Air, Land, Franciscan, Cuddles, Tradition.

Services in the building:
Services included:
Courtesies towels provided.
Daily cleaning of rooms.
Wifi connection.

Payment services:
On request breakfast reservation.
You can also request massage.
The treatment are:
reflexology, massage
relaxant back and / or
cervical, massage with oils
essential, hot stone massage
(Hot stones), bamboo massage.

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